Teen Drivers Education

As children approach driving age, the quality of their school's driver education program becomes critical. Courses taught by qualified professionals are vital. They place a well balanced emphasis on driver performance, making accurate decisions based on perception and appropriate behavior at a time when students are just beginning to drive.

At this time, when the number one cause of teenage deaths is traffic accidents, we must seriously consider the importance of a quality driver education program to provide instruction in this life long skill of driving.

In addition, owning an automobile is the second largest investment for most people next to owning a home. Students need to be properly trained in consumer aspects of owning a vehicle such as vehicle purchase, insurance, and vehicle maintenance. Our driver education program will provide students with the proper foundation so they can deal with these important consumer issues.


Along with classroom theory and instruction, the student will participate in hands-on driving time with Assertive Driving School instructors. Students practice local road and highway driving, parking and other techniques essential to successful driving along with the skills required to pass the driver’s test. If you feel you want to get additional behind-the-wheel training for any reason, simply talk to your instructor about the fee involved in scheduling extra time.